Australian Transplant Games 30km , 1km and 3km Cycling - Gold Coast
5 Oct 2018


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
14004Scott Miller01:01:4040-49 Years1M1
24038Bryan Rollins01:01:4140-49 Years2M2
33054Guillaume Zigan01:02:3930-39 Years1M3
46060Bruce Giles01:03:0660-69 Years1M4
52032Tamaryn Stevens01:08:2718-29 Years1F1
62025David Colman01:13:3918-29 Years1M5
75022Brendan Gowdie01:14:3950-59 Years1M6
86028Jane Donnelly01:20:0660-69 Years1F2
95021Zoe Dixon01:21:4650-59 Years1F3
104042Edward Spurr01:22:1240-49 Years3M7
113058Suzanne Halbish01:30:4730-39 Years1F4
123012Kristie Purton01:37:2430-39 Years2F5
133025Kate Phillips01:37:5830-39 Years3F6
144075Thor Bloomfield01:43:0140-49 Years4M8
154032Sinclair Newey01:45:3240-49 Years5M9
Page 1 of 1 (15 items)